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Your logo identifies and represents your company to other businesses and organisations. Often your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees. It's your first impression. If it is designed well, your logo will also distinguish you from your competition, providing a way for customers to recognise your business your logo should be unique. We can help design your logo, looking at more than the design we take the time to find out what you do, what you are trying to communicate and use this as a foundation to develop ideas. Your logo should say something about your company, be iconic and individual. We usually develop 3-5 initial ideas, including our clients in the process to narrow down the choices eventually taking one idea forward to final artwork. Established business sometimes need to refresh their look, we have been involved in many logo / re-brand projects, where client have developed their companies successfully but have ignored their image which has naturally become dated and tired over time. A good logo should last for years and sometimes a subtle change to bring things back up to date is all that is needed to get your logo communicating positively about your company. Direct, or subtle, every logo says something about the company it represents. What does your logo say about your company, if you want some advice or an informal chat then give us a call or pop into the studio and let us take a look at your companies identity.

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